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In today's world of environmental concerns and changing consumer preferences, Fairebel is proud (« FIER ») to produce local, natural, and fair milk. And we're proud to present a campaign that shows just that !
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The context

Fairebel is a brand founded by farmers, for farmers. Their focus has always been to produce sustainable, local, and socially responsible products.


Unlike competitors who compromise quality and fair compensation for farmers to cut prices, Fairebel offers a unique value proposition. It’s only fitting to shine the spotlight on Fairebel’s farmers and let them share their proudness of producing fair.

The concept

Our concept focuses on capturing the pride of Fairebel farmers through their own eyes and giving them a voice in radio spots. Just like their milk, we aimed for a genuine campaign with real people. And with the word ‘Fier’ working in both French and Dutch, we want everyone to take pride in consuming Fairebel milk.

Radio spot (FR)

The results

In their efforts to expand their audience, Fairebel welcomed a renowned addition to their team: Simon Mignolet, the former goalkeeper of the Red Devils. Mignolet, already well-acquainted with the farming community, played a key role in a successful social media campaign, a TV spot, and printed media, all of which strengthened the ‘Fier’ campaign.

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