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Encouraging self-employed workers to secure their retirement, while highlighting AG as the preferred partner.
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In Belgium, half of self-employed workers have no complementary pension plan in addition to their basic legal retirement benefits.

Our research revealed two main reasons for not taking a complementary plan. The primary reason was clearly procrastination (“I’ll do it tomorrow, really”). Followed closely by what some might call ‘ostrich behavior’ – a tendency where they prefer to ignore the facts (rather than facing them).

We recognized the need of a straightforward message that underlined the urgency of immediate action, complemented with factual data to support our point.

The concept

So we decided to give a virtual wake-up call : “Dear self-employed worker, it is time to TAKE ACTION for your pension”, while visually integrating the brand’s name in the message. Our communication was reinforced with compelling statistics obtained from a recent survey and supported by native content featuring four real-life self-employed workers, each with a unique personality and voice.

The results

The campaign primarily took place online, with added reinforcement from TV ads, placing a significant emphasis on video content. Supported by a strong presence on social media and tactical retargeting, the campaign delivered 189% more traffic to AG’s website than initially projected.

This campaign not only elevated the brand’s top-of-mind awareness (TOM) but also provided us with a durable concept of “réAGir”, serving as a foundation for future pension-related campaigns.

To be continued.

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