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Baptiste Bataille

Biologist by trade and animal photographer of renown, Baptiste Bataille offers the trip of a lifetime. From tracking snow leopards on the snowy slopes of India, to the looking for the Giant panda in the Chinese rainforest Baptiste takes his clientele looking for exceptional wildlife across the globe. For his brand though he chose to come to 542 Rue Vanderkindere.
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The business problem

How do we capture the passion of one man? Create a brand that has no frontiers, no borders. How do you develop strong bases for the brand, based on brand imagery and marketing that reaches those that could be interested in this offer. Hand in hand with Baptiste, Shake imagined a platform that makes you want to leave the computer and travel the world.

The insight

As standardisation makes our lives more staid, Baptiste offers something else, a different philosophy. The journeys that he proposes are based on man integrated into his natural habitat, thoughtfully. On the beauty of nature and its marvels. A rich human adventure and shared emotions. A fragile souvenir, that the eye has only a moment to glimpse. Baptiste Bataille offers a completely different way of travelling, where it becomes unforgettable again.

Our solution

A logo that zooms in on his extraordinary experience. A website that inspires and stays useful. Images straight from his camera. Shake and Baptiste Bataille have beautiful destinations to offer.


Baptiste launched his company in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. With a full calendar, and 10 destinations, with 15 animals programmed a year. Got some time from the 2nd of December to the 19th? Why not go and see the Amur leopard in Russia. See you on

“Far more than a professional agency, Shake is a great team of human beings. The efficient logo and the website they created for me really had an impact on my target audience — the braves.”

Baptiste Bataille

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