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Yongo is a digital solution created by AG, leader in the Belgian insurance market, for parents who want to prepare their child's financial future.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Activation
  • Design

The context

Savings and investment solutions aimed at young parents for their kids is a market historically ruled by banks and their “one-click” savings accounts. Even though the rates offered by Yongo beat the banks, a strong awareness campaign was still needed to change the publics perception. Keeping in mind that Yongo (By AG) was still a new player in the game.

The concept

The first year, our focus was to raise awareness on the product without losing the link to the Yongo brand. We created short, funny videos showing kids doing all kind of weird stuff with the message saying “Kids don’t really plan ahead. With Yongo, you plan years ahead for them.”.

In year two, we took advantage of this increased awareness to create a campaign focused on conversion. This time we targeted the hearts of young parents saying “You always want what’s best for your children. For their future too, choose more than a savings account”.


With the help of Yongo’s marketing team and a strong media planning done by PHD, the brand awareness increased by 7%, earning the number one spot in the industry. 123 million total impressions and an impressive 348.777 website visits.

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Yongo -

A helping hand for your child’s future.

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