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For this year’s Winter Campaign, we developed an effective omnichannel strategy, while simultaneously unveiling Yongo's new branding.
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Yongo, a digital savings and investment solutions for parents (and grandparents) of young children (0-6), originated from the expertise of AG Insurance, a leader in the Belgian insurance market.



From conquering first-day-of-school nerves to encouraging sports and navigating the excitement of riding a new bike, parents provide support for their kids as they overcome new challenges every single day.

This understanding led us to reimagine Yongo as a means for parents to extend this support to their children’s (financial) future.


Central to the campaign was a prime-time TV ad, that also preceded family movies in cinemas.

The communication plan extended to digital out-of-home displays at strategic locations, short online capsules delivering adjusted messages, partnerships with parenting websites and communities, and print ads featured in specialized magazines. Precision was key as we ensured the right message reached the right audience at the right time and place.


We achieved our ambitious goal of a 15% increase in new account registrations compared to last year’s campaign. Building on this success, the campaign and the promotional offer were extended.

Many parents, grandparents and godparents found in Yongo a way to support a child in his transition into adulthood.

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