Shake brings
Eclipse Cross to light READ MORE

How to captivate the many enthusiasts of the next Mitsubishi SUV unveiled in Geneva? By offering them an progressive and spectacular web showroom. That’s the platform that Shake has developed for its customer Beherman European allowing the importer to capture and relaunch many prospects. To be continued!
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The new website for Fabienne Delvigne is everything but old hats READ MORE

Fabienne Delvigne, the Belgian designer who specializes since 1987 in creating hats, headwear and accessories, has won the hearts of customers all over the world as well as the trust of European Royal Courts. To highlight her know-how and the spirit of her creations, Shake has tailored a new digital showcase for her: a brand new web site which has been entirely reconsidered, from ergonomics to the pure, elegant and aerial graphic design, reflecting the designer’s style. The Chinese and Russian versions are already in progress!
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No stress for Shake
with Melisana. READ MORE

Melisana launches Sediplus Relax: a natural solution made from plant extracts that helps manage occasional moments of stress. In a video commercial of 25 seconds Shake cleverly demonstrates the effectiveness of the product by highlighting the different moments of stress that everyone experiences in their daily life. The success of the video is of course due in large part to the production and production values: more than 100 objects were created in 3D to make the final images. Watch the movie (FR and NL)

The full page format generates
full impact with Shake.

The 28th of march, Newsworks launched a newpapers campaign to promote the impact of the full page format towards the advertisers and the general readers. The campaign created by Shake consists of 3 visuals based on a rather hypnotic concept: a very close-up shot of a wide open eye where the pupil illustrates the effect of the full page ad on the reader. The proof is in the pudding!

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