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Following a call for tenders, the WWF entrusted Shake with the mission of crafting a donation campaign for the conservation of the snow leopard. A pressing mission as only 4000 of them are presumed to be left in the wild.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Activation
  • Concept
  • Design

The context

In the Himalayan regions, snow leopards are disappearing. In addition to poaching and retaliation due to livestock predation, climate change is disrupting their fragile ecosystem. Recent studies estimate their population to be between 3000 and 4000 specimens. To support their activities on the field, WWF wanted to emphasize the urgency to act and engage their audience to make a monthly donation.

© Muhammad Osama / WWF-Pakistan

The concept

To have a strong impact, we had to catch our audiences’ attention quickly. Our message had to be simple and punchy. That’s how we came to a clever wordplay: “sNOW! leopard”. In this formula are found the 2 main messages. If we want to save the snow leopard, we must act NOW.

In addition to the online campaign and digital out of home, we created an extended video for the landing page and printed tote bags that contributors would receive by symbolically adopting a snow leopard.

If you want to help WWF, visit donate.wwf.be

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