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The "Société Wallonne du Crédit Social" enables many Walloons to have access to housing adapted to their means. As a public institution, they are working towards providing solutions that banks cannot offer.
  • Brand Activation
  • Advertising
  • Print & Web Design

The context

Banks compete in ingenuity to grow their credit portfolio. But even for small sums such as a rental deposit, some would-be borrowers simply don’t meet the requirements. That’s where SWCS comes in with an unbeatable offer: a loan for their rental guarantee at 0% interest. A very useful product, valid for classic houses/flats and student housing, but largely unknown to young (and not so young) future tenants. We had to find the right angle to communicate the existence of this alternative.

The concept

Since the communication of the banking sector is highly regulated, let’s take advantage of it! It is from this starting point that Shake chose to put in large what the banks often put in very small: the proposed interest rate. Here, a 0% that says it all. The campaign is enriched with portraits of a large number of Walloons. Young or not so young, single or with family, single or with one parent,… Walloons that everyone can easily identify with through many media: fully covered buses all over Wallonia, posters, flyers, animated bannering and intensive campaign on social media. 100% positive feedback.


While the campaign is still ongoing, SWCS is facing a clear increase of loan requests. See you soon here for the figures that speak for themselves…

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