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Sowl, an odd little name for a restaurant. However, the concept envisioned by the two founders Ségolène and May captured our interest right away: a healthy, flavourful and customisable lunch, anchored in a “zero waste” mindset. We were on board, and so began a wonderful and colourful partnership.
  • Art Direction
  • Branding & Identity
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Print & Web Design

The business problem

Sowl is a brand destined to grow quickly and widely. So it needed a clear and effective identity, anchored in its time. Shake’s mission was to translate a forward-looking business concept into a flexible and well-defined brand system.

The initial Sowl logo created by Frisko

The insight

The first time we met Sowl, we quickly understood what their core values were. The freedom to choose a bowl adapted to your unique taste, the fun of selecting from hundreds of possibilities, the peace of mind of knowing that everything is designed to achieve zero waste. The result is a clear insight: Sowl is the lunch solution that adapts to all personalities.

Our solution

Inspired by Matisse’s cut-out papers, Shake has developed an ultra-personalized brand identity. The shapes and colours recall the unique container, the bowl, and the multitude of possibilities when ordering from Sowl. No overly restrictive brand guidelines, rather a fluid brand system that left enough space for experimentation and creativity. In addition to the brand platform, we also produced a didactic presentation video in partnership with motion design studio Squarefish and several actions to increase visibility. The windows were handpainted by the the talented Miles Signs and Indexpouce.


Thanks to this new identity, Sowl is seeing more and more curious customers attracted by their fresh new look. New shops are also beginning to pop up everywhere as Shake remains their number one partner in this bright looking future.

"Shake is way more than a communication agency. They are the perfect mix of modernity, wisdom and audacity. That's exactly why we asked them to create an identity and communication in line with what we imagined in our wildest dreams. And that wasn't an easy task."

Ségolène de Ville - Co-founder at Sowl

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