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Rossel Advertising

The Rossel group represents the most famous media brands in French-speaking Belgium. Le Soir, Sud Presse, la Meuse, Grenz Echo, 7 Dimanche, Vlan, Le Sillon Belge, Gocar to name only the main ones. Print and digital brands with millions of touchpoints, offering advertisers powerful and innovative advertising solutions.
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The business problem

The digital revolution has radically changed the way we consume information. Newspapers had to reinvent themselves, come out with new platforms and attract new readers. But how do you convince this new digital-native generation that newspapers are still relevant? How do you prove the power of advertising on paper? How do you go from “Régie Rossel” to “Rossel Advertising”, brands best business partner?

The Rossel Advertising team

The insight

Rossel Advertising is way more than a sales team waiting for the clients phone call. Old-fashioned solutions are out the window. In a few years, Rossel Advertising has become a true actor in brand activation.

Our solution

A communication concept that goes further than the expectations in terms of media. We’re not speaking about brands anymore but about business. We don’t speak about brand awareness, but brand activation. Behind the claim “mediactivate your business” hides a true war cry for all the Rossel Advertsing milky way. We are all mediactivists.


Since the campaign, Rossel Advertising has received numerous briefings from new advertisers. Prestigious brands have called on “mediactivists” to offer them disruptive campaigns. As a result, multiple success stories such as AG Insurance, BE TV, Canon, Ortis and many others on

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