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Since 2014 we’ve been really milking it at Shake. Not just any milk though, only fair trade milk from Fairebel. Created at the heart of an agricultural crisis, the brand found in Shake a partner to be on the ground with them.
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The business problem

How do you make the voice of a couple of hardy and passionate farmers heard above the din of the giants of industrial agriculture. That’s the crazy and wide in scope briefing that was given to the agency. With the help and support of the Rossel Group, Shake initiated a platform that has elevated the brand into one of the top 3 market leaders.

The insight

Fair trade, everyone knows about. Coffee, chocolate and that label reserved for sunny and more southern climes. But the world has changed. We have to protect producers across the world, and open our eyes to what’s happening in a farm close by us, our local milk producers. Family run farms, handed down generation to generation, but that can’t produce their milk in decent conditions. The solution? A brand that belongs to them, and changes all our preconceptions about fair trade. Fairebel, milk of quality steeped in agricultural heritage, that makes sure it’s paid the right price to the producers. A strong brand statement. Fairebel, there’s nothing better for our farmers.

Our solution

A communication concept adaptable to all formats. Using a positive, cheerful and inspirational tone-of-voice we showcased the product, but also the farmers, consumers and all the other brand ambassadors. The strong branding and thorough branded content were supported by a media plan that focused on volume and concentration. A human adventure connecting the brand, the media and the agency.

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In a market with a somber outlook (Semi-skimmed milked -4% annually) Fairebel is the only brand that’s registering growth in sales and market share. In 3 years, brand notoriety has climbed from 74,8% to 85% in the south of the country and sits in the top 3 in the north.

"Over time, Shake has become much more than just our advertising agency. Today, they are a true partner that helps us to develop our brand in all its dimensions."

Erwin Schöpges - Fairebel

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