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Market leader in consumer credit at the point of sale, Buy Way recently celebrated its first decade of activity. Having established a partnership for each and every moment, Shake has been with them every step of the way for all of their 10 years.
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The challenge

The image of consumer credit has been poor for a number of years. Focus group feedback is clear. Purveyors of credit, no matter who they are, are considered horrible sellers of dreams. The terms and conditions are often deemed obscure, the customer approach is seen as ruthless and the recovery principles are (often) without mercy.

As a new player in the sector, Buy Way has positioned itself at the opposite end of this caricature. Buy Way sees credit as a flexible, transparent, digital-friendly solution that is entirely dedicated to client satisfaction. But how do you introduce this positioning?

Our solution

Going beyond the usual support we traditionally find in brand identity; Shake developed a true brand system. Starting with the language, which has been cleaned of all the usual tricks out of principle. No superlatives, a vocabulary that eases understanding, no exclamation marks in the punctuation, all these steps have meant that Buy Way has been able to stand out.

As far as visuals are concerned, the idea of using “lifestyle” stock imagery was recently excluded in favour of a graphic system based on illustrations. All of it rooted in the spirit of clarity and pedagogy. Shake applied these principles on a 360° basis, both for their clients as well as for their network of retail partners, the primary audience of Buy Way. And for communication that is both offline and online.

An example

Shake supports Buy Way in each of its evolutions.
For example last year, they launched their brand new app: Buy Way Mobile.
Working hand in hand, we developed the whole communication around that app, from a simple banner to a complete web page and many emailings.


In 10 years, Buy Way has become the top Belgian Fintech and the market leader for credit at point of sales. Following its many successes, the brand has multiplied its partnerships with major store franchises and earned the trust of over 585,000 clients. In 2019, the Buy Way Mastercard was elected best credit card in the Flexible Credit category.

Supporting them since the beginning, Buy Way awarded Shake one of its Buy Way awards, which are given to the company’s innovative partners. We couldn’t be prouder to be part of their history!


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