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Brussels Museums is an independent non-profit organisation that brings together over 100 museums in Brussels. For their 2021 edition of the Nocturnes, they came to Shake in search of a unique look, accessible to all.
  • Branding & Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Print & Digital Design

How it started

In the footsteps of the eye-pleasing and successful Museum Night Fever-campaign, the Nocturnes needed their own strong identity. It was also an opportunity to mark a clear distinction between the two events. Nocturnes being a more accessible, family-friendly event.

Picture by Philippe Romain

The process

We wanted to have a real conversation about the Nocturnes branding and message. So we laid everything flat and started experimenting with visual concepts, logos, colours and fonts. In search of an impactful and captivating brand image.

Our solution

Our starting point was the baseline ‘Brussels museums in a new light’. The logo is a literal translation of that baseline, replacing the ‘o’ with a flash of light. That also led us to the concept of the widening pupils. A mix of night and wonder. And colour-wise we went for dusk-like rounded gradient going from a deep blue to a vibrant orange.


With a massive cultural media coverage, the posters were impossible to miss in the streets of Brussels. A digital campaign was launched on social media resulting in lots of shares, comments and a huge trafic boost on the website. At this point the event is still ongoing but we will make sure to share results in the near future. If you are interested make sure to book your tickets on

But hey, design is a struggle, and it took us a few attempts to come to this result. Are you facing a struggle of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

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