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The Rossel Group has several powerful brands including Le Soir, Sudpresse and the Grenz Echo, each one in all possible media every day. But there’s also an advertising sales house at the cutting edge of innovation that never ceases to provide its customers with efficient and effective advertising solutions: Rossel Advertising. Shake is the 360° agency for Rossel Advertising and operates as such at all levels of communication.


Rossel Advertising and Shake hit the mark on the head with this full-page advertisement published in Le Soir upon the release of CIM figures. The advert, which was subject to an analysis by Pure FM, did not go unnoticed as the l’Avenir publications were taken over by TECTEO.

Mediamorphosis according to Rossel Advertising

Trans-media, cross-media, 360° communication… are just a few of the many words used to define today’s media transformation stemming from the diversification of supports. For example, the daily news is read on paper, computers or mobile devices… interchangeably. In 2012, Rossel Advertising set itself the task of facing, following and benefiting from media mutation through its mediamorphosis. Since then, the multimedia-advertising network follows this objective with this campaign and brochure.

Rossel Advertising, 125/125h open to all challenges.

As part of the events to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Rossel Group and communicate to the entire advertising community, Shake created an idea that perfectly epitomises the dynamic and unique character of the company.

Rossel 125h Website

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Sudpresse, a really really strong number 1

A campaign that confirms Sudpresse as the leader in the French-speaking daily newspaper market. A performance that is so much more meaningful when compared to nature.

Rossel Open the media Website

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A little mojito to end the week on a high?

The aperitif of Friday afternoon in the company of Rossel Advertising has become a tradition. Never without a mojito, never without the help of Shake.

Shake always “cap”

How do you attract the attention of a target group that is over solicited for the new digital media packs? By proposing crazy challenges that everyone wants to try…

With Shake, the PNU ice-cream van will pass by you.

A summer event that reminds us of our childhood. What could be more pleasant in summer, but to stop work for a few minutes and enjoy a vanilla pistachio flavoured cone at the same time as an advert for Rossel...

The sales team of Rossel Advertising: it’s love at first sight

Only the best and most beautiful rendezvous thanks to this Direct Marketing campaign on Saint Valentine’s day. All managed by Shake of course.

A good agency helps you not to miss the target.

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Rossel Advertising is a leader in advertising for French-speaking Belgium. It provides advertisers with powerful media brands and is always open to new ideas, on any number of media.

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