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Since 2011, Shake has been responsible for the global communications for Petercam. This jewel in Belgian finance counts today more than 400 employees and attracts private investors, both institutional and companies. Within this sector in need of rehabilitation, Petercam, through Shake as adopted a new commitment based on the reaffirmation of their core values. Shake is the originator of a new concept and tone of communication to be declined across every aspect of the brand.

A new look for Petercam with Shake.

Petercam unveils a new graphic identity signed by Shake. Due to these difficult times, the logo puts well to the fore the aspect of protection now so expected from a financial partner. The choice of colour and typography underline the personality of Petercam – a modern company that is close to its clients, yet far from the established classic codes of the profession.

Economic and financial press campaign.

Words that create involvement, it’s still one of the best ways to create a distinctive and impactful tone of communication.

Petercam catches a French accent.

In launching its “French Counter”, Petercam opens its doors to a clientele that’s at ease crossing borders. Shake signed a campaign that gives them another reason for visiting Brussels other than just for pralines…

Petercam elected Best Private Bank by Euromoney magazine.

A well deserved accolade for a campaign in the daily financial press and on radio. A campaign directing to a Website rich in advice and information.


The Petercam client magazine: also signed by Shake.

“Investment Horizons”, a magazine containing economic and financial advice from Petercam – a new graphic horizon from Shake.

Clarity and transparency: the golden rules of the financial community according to Petercam.

The Petercam Blog.

“Insights” is a blog aimed at sharing the point of view of Petercam experts on new financial developments in the markets.

Petercam Emailing

iPad application for the Petercam offer.

This new format was chosen to support representatives of the company when meeting potential clients.

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Petercam is a major player in fortune management in Belgium. Petercam is probably one of the only private banks to actively communicate with its clients and to take into account their individual aspirations for their investment portfolios.

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