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Shake is proud to announce the Mistubishi automobile budget. This extraordinary challenge gives Shake a renewed opportunity to work with former client automobile distribution group Beherman Motors. Backed by its legendary reputation of reliability, Mitsubishi is at a crossroads. Time has come to take to the floor again and to present a wide range of products seamlessly aligned with market realities.

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Clean cars

44g CO2 emissions for a 4X4: Mitsubishi breaks a world record and shows it over 36 square meters.

€16.999. A reliable price.

ASX, Mitsubishi’s SUV shows its many assets over the walls of Belgium.

Mitsubishi - back on your mind.

You can see for yourself that Mitsubishi has changed. Shake presents the new range at its best and signs an inset in the country’s largest daily press.

50 000 well-informed Mitsubishi drivers.

There’s more than one reason to (re)discover Mistubishi. Starting with Mitsubishi owners…

Top top

On 1 April, Shake signs an electrical Topical Top. The lowering on VAT on electricity will shock true 4-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

Ultimate Deals.

When Mistubishi offers a deal, it’s obvious.

More about Mitsubishi:

Subsidiary of one of Japan’s greatest industrial groups, generalist motor manufacturer Mitsubishi enjoys a solid, unparalleled reputation. Mitsubishi has just celebrated 40 years of presence on the European market.

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