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Equitable milk has found its equitable agency. It's only natural that Rossel has included Shake in a groundbreaking partnership that the press group has concluded with Faircoop, the cooperative initiated by the Fairebel brand. A result that brings joy to all the agency’s milk lovers and also to anyone who believes strongly in another idea of commerce.

Fair with Fairebel

The milklabel Fairebel is back with a new campaign in which the concept of “fair trade” gives an added value thanks to the benefits of the product. No doubt about it, a fair trade product can also be very tasty AND healthy.

Fair trade according to Fairebel

Dairy brand Fairebel returns with a new communication strategy reflecting its intent to give the “fair trade” concept a strong product benefit dimension. Because actually, it’s possible to make tasty and healthy fair trade products! After a comprehensive briefing, Shake spun this intent into a new baseline “there’s nothing better to help dairy farmers”, a new graphic design, and its customary smile inducing and fitting texts. From a media perspective, the brand remains associated with the Groupe Rossel that will give access to all the supports of its brand. The Persgroup advertising network will handle the Dutch campaign from September. Built around ads in the daily press and magazines, toptop, web and mobile displays, the campaign will help consumers find out more about the benefits of “milk that puts a smile on the faces of producers and consumers alike”.

A campaign that makes you grow up since May 2013!

The first campaign of the brand started with the common theme «Fairebel, ça nous grandit». 4 visuals involving farmers, all members of the cooperative Fairebel, 4 visuals for 4 products: semi-skimmed milk, chocolate flavoured milk, "pure milk" ice-cream and whole milk ... really whole! A communication developed into various web and print formats with a majority of full-pages on national as well as regional level.

TopTopicals campaigns

There are dozens of occasions to communicate differently in the daily press. What better brand than Fairebel could seize this opportunity and express itself on days such as National, World Milk and World Food days? Every time an appropriate and honest message, with a remarkable sober layout, is noticed.

TopTopical for Belgium's National day

TopTopical for the World Milk day

TopTopical for the World Food day

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FAIREBEL, is a fair, solidarity-based brand, which allows our farmers to take their place back in the industry and therefor obtain a decent living wage for their work. As a reaction to the crisis in the agricultural sector, the Belgian farmers unified their strenghts creating a cooperative named Fairecoop, and their own label : Fairebel.

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