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To calculate, reduce and compensate your CO2 footprint; that is the goal of Climact, a young Belgian company that offers advice and organises projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of companies and individuals . Shake has supported Climact, from the creation of its brand architecture and its external communication to the entire realisation of its website. Being particularly sensitive to environmental issues, for both itself and its clients, Shake itself has become a CO2-neutral agency in partnership with Climact.

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Climact asked Shake (for the second time), to design and produce its website.

Taking the airplane, it gets warmer.

Shake created an awareness campaign for Climact with a direct message to our consciences. The idea was to incite people to react differently, especially when choosing to fly.

How do you make a big impression at a prestigious seminar?

By designing and distributing 1000 mini-cards inviting the recipient to reduce his/her carbon footprint.

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CLIMACT's mission is to help organizations reducing their energy dependency and impact on the climate.

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