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Since September 2012, Shake is Bose’s new communication partner. This prestigious brand, with a well-earned and worldwide reputation for the quality of its sound, asked the agency to help them organise the communication or the first Bose Experience Centre in Belgium.

The end of the world live. (Remember December 2012)

Now if it were going to be the end of the world, wouldn’t it be better to live it with Bose. In partnership with Rossel Advertising, Shake created a playlist for the occasion and published it as a full-page ad. in the (newspaper) Le Soir.

Bannering on the website Geeko

Live all the experiences at the Bose Experience Centre

During the "Louise Night," there was no doubt a visit to number 39 Avenue Louise was a must. 14 Belgian artists made ​​an appointment to listen to their preferred playlist in the best possible conditions: at the Bose Experience Centre of course. Shake conceived the idea, and organised it as well as all the communication around the event.

Bose Spotify

Partner of this event, Spotify gave enthusiasts the chance to discover unique emotions in unique conditions.

Bose Cocktail

An evening that allowed hundreds of people to discover the new temple of sound in Brussels.

POS Posters

Photographers, fashionistas, a Formula 1 driver and musicians of course: every lover of the Bose sound was given a date that evening.

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Wherever quality sound is important, Bose is there.

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