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Brussels exports itself with Shake

Shake as won the pitch for the communication budgets for the Brussels Invest & Export organisatio, counterpart of the Walloon Region AWEX and Flanders FIT. Following a positioning study involving many of the staff, Shake elaborated a branding platform that falls within the scope of a broad communication campaign articulated around a new signature, “Brussels Invest & Export, building new perspectives”, currently broadcast on the radio and in various daily press subjects. Look out for the campaign on in other media and at specific events.

Shake gives a geography lesson to the citizens of Brussels.

During three months the citizens of Brussels couldn’t miss it. 32 especially lit and placed BIE cubes occupied strategic sites throughout the capital, creating the impact of Brussels as the city at the center of the world, to discover with passion. Each cube introduced 21 world cities with information even down to their GDP.

Shake opens perspectives with their client, Brussels Invest & Export.

Today more than ever, the world is at our doors. For a Brussels business, it’s even truer, especially with the advise of Brussels Invest & Export. The proof in three disturbingly realistic images signed by Shake.

The more we know the world, the more we export.

Proof in 30 seconds with this radio campaign for BIE - because everyone needs tips and advice when they want to make a good impression in a foreign country.

  • Allemagne
  • Dubai
  • Japon

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Brussels Invest & Export is the foreign trade and foreign investments service of the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region. Officially launched on 30 May 2011, it brings together the capabilities to attract foreign investment to Brussels which were previously the responsibility of "Invest in Brussels" and the capabilities to promote Brussels exports who were previously the responsibility of "Brussels Export".

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