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A founding client for Shake, Actel Affinity holds a prime place on the Belgian auto insurance market. The agency has a yearlong program to stimulate the network of concessionaries and provide sales support operations.

P.O.S turned on its head.

You've had a write-off with your Mini? If you’re with Mini Top Cover, during 24 months you’ll have a brand new vehicle. A head turning guarantee communicated by Shake in all Mini showrooms.

100€ reduction? An irresistible treat.

A promotion to be licked with delight!

Ageless creativity from Shake.

As proved in this smooth action for BMW Insurance.

When BMW distributors convert to cash distributors…

You can drive a BMW and still be a child at heart.

Black ice or snow? For insurance, all questions lead to Mazda Insurance.

You've always got a pocket full of savings when you choose Actel Affinity.

Or how to say that sometimes, the worst is for the best.

Skoda Insurance, a very relaxing experience.

Relax for free in all tranquility in a top hotel thanks to taking Skoda Insurance. A top idea from Shake.

There's no such thing as chance in an insurance contract. Except…

Nothing like a savings coupon to lift sales.

The uniqueness of Scandinavian design? It speaks for itself.

Because danger could surface at any moment.

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What is there in common between Mazda Insurance, Skoda Insurance, Seat Insurance, Mercedes Insurance, Saab insurance, Mitsubishi Insurance, BMW Top Cover and Mini Top Cover? Actel Affinity! Actel Insurance’s arm able to provide tailor-made solutions for automobile brands.

Visit ACTELAffinity Website : www.actelaffinity.be

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