About the agency

Shake is a communications agency that values its independence and works passionately to put its customers at the heart of everything it does.

In brief.

Shake is an independent agency in Brussels, founded in 1998 and still directed by its founders, with 16 employees whose daily task is to reinvent communication for more than 20 great national, and sometimes international, brands.

What kind of agency ?

Advertising, communication, brand content, activation, story telling, social branding…Every day our profession transforms into something else. To put it simply, Shake is an agency born from the fusion of two complimentary disciplines: advertising and digital. Our cornerstone? A real obsession with understanding brands and making them stronger. This leads to ideas that don’t respect categories and appear where you’d least expect them.

And so what ?

Shake instead of another agency ? What’s the difference that really makes the difference? After long deliberation, we’ve decided to tell you this: no other agency loves its clients more than Shake. The proof of this: they stay with us! Our first client is still our first client (Edenred, since 1999!) and our other clients confound all statistics regarding the loyalty of advertisers to their agencies.

We prefer to create bizz
more than buzz.

Yes, we regret to inform you that, no, we are not aficionados of the kind of gimmick that makes everyone laugh on Facebook. At the risk of sounding nerdish, we have a cast iron belief in strategic planning, in the rightness of an idea, and the result of this in the long term. But this does not stop us from helping our clients make their mark on social networks by inventing concepts that create as much buzz as bizz.

Craftsmanship is a word
that defines us well.

The hype agency that we hear so much about today and not tomorrow - that’s not really our thing. Our thing is more the craftsman at his workbench, maybe a bit gruff, who has to get up in the middle of the night to check on a detail that’s stopping him sleeping. And who, every day, opens up shop with the will to bake good bread for people who appreciate good bread.

So good to be free.
C02 free.

Even since 2007, together with our client Climact, we have taken steps to understand, reduce and compensate for the C02 print of our activity. We’re still not yet perfect citizens for all that: we still take baths or leave the tap running when we brush our teeth. Shame on us. On the other hand, when it comes to developing a solid and inspiring communication strategy in CSR, the ideas flow quite naturally. For example, for our client Solvay.

Our (happy) clients


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Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

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